The Barre+Yoga Room Registered 200 Hour Yoga School with barre certification

The B+Y School and barre certification will give you the tools to not only mentally practice the fundamental and traditional styles of yoga, but also introduce you to fitness elements that can be taught at the barre or implemented in your yoga classes and personal practice.


Our B+Y practice spans all styles of yoga from the most gentle and meditative, to the more intense and fiery styles of practice. We believe yoga is a spectrum that should be able to pertain to all bodies and all abilities, nurturing the mind and strengthening the body one practice at a time.


Mary Ruth Smith developed the barre and yoga practice in hopes of adding a more yogic mindset to barre fitness. Through this she developed a deeper love for yoga that made barre so much better for her physically, and a true desire to merge the two together for a life changing experience with each class.

Mary danced from age 3 through college, and then found barre and yoga after having her first child and looking for a way to get back to herself as a new mom. She taught in two local barre studios and took her 200 hour training within Savannah, Georgia between 2012 and 2015, and then opened The Barre+Yoga Room in January 2016. Her first yoga school graduated in the Spring of 2018, and she has led 2 cohorts since.


Whether you’re new to yoga or you’ve been practicing a while, you are ready for your next step in your yoga journey. 

The majority of the 200 hour program includes yoga lectures, practice and study including but not limited to the following topics: 

*yama and Niyama (explanation and personal practice and study)

*meditation (personal practice, group practice, leading others, and writing meditations for classes)

*asana and postural practice including dynamic vinyasa, gentle yoga, posture break downs, and while this is a GENERAL 200 hour vinyasa training, we also provide guest teachers and classes for YIN and Buti yoga to help expose students to more styles

*breath and pranayama

*self study, acceptance, and understanding, goal writing, personal styling and finding your voice to begin teaching AFTER training ends

*business, ethics, and professionalism within teaching

*therapeutic approaches and psychological sensitivity (NOT THERAPY TRAINING)

*hands on assisting within postures and savasana

*implementing essential oils into teaching and personal practice

*anatomy (general and pertaining to practice and teaching)

*history, various types of yoga, lineage and history

*working with and modifying for special populations (such as pregnancy, elderly, children)


The Barre+Yoga Room; Rincon, Georgia 31326


We are just down the road from Port Wentworth with many types of hotels of all price ranges, a little further from Pooler with more hotel offerings, and practically next door to the Rincon Inn. Many times everyone brings food (we have a fridge) and we have lots of restaurants around the area and close by


Our 2020 dates start in March and run roughly once a month through November 2020. The weekends are Friday evening, all Saturday and most of Sundays. Find the specific dates on our website!



$3000; book list totals about $125 (can buy used); will need a 3 ring binder and journal




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