Join Gerald in Mexico for this 200hr Infinity Yoga Teacher Training Course. Infinity Yoga is a unique fusion of styles bound together with Geralds passion and knowledge for Yoga.

This 20 day course is in the beautiful bay of Bucerias, enjoy time to go see the area, go whale watching, snorkling or surfing.  


The style offered is very complete. The training focuses on developing a strong personal practice and for this the ashtanga vinyasa yoga primary series Mysore Style is implemented. However we incorporate Maty Ezraty's alignment concepts. We also teach many arm asanas completely missing from other yoga styles arising from Andrey Lappa's Universal Yoga. The training is complemented with the practice of The Dance of Shiva, also from Andrey Lappa's teachings. I call this unique fusion Infinity yoga. 


Gerald is an international yoga teacher that has had the opportunity to study, practice and work very close to some of the best teachers in the world, giving him a very unique but vast perspective of the practice of yoga. Dozens of students have successfully graduated from his teacher training program and are currently teaching around the globe, from Australia to Alaska.

Gerald has the highest Yoga Alliance Cresentials, E-ryt500

Gerald´s studio is currently located in the beautiful beaches of Bucerías (a neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta) in Mexico, where it has been voted Best studio in the Bay by independent newspapers the last two years in a row (2018/2019) and where most of his students graduate from.

The list of yoga masters that Gerald has had the honor to call teachers is vast, including famous teachers like Kino MacGregor, Dharma Mittra, Mark Robberds, among many others, however the Teacher Training he presents is directly taken from a combination of the following foundations:

Gerald had the opportunity to study abroad, organize workshops, and learn away from the classroom with founder of Yoga Works, Yoga Yournal's  “teacher of teachers”, late Maty Ezraty. She was known for her impeccable alignments, commitment to the real practice of yoga, tenacity, use of props and giving everything to and for the students. Truly a global master and influencer. All of the universal alignments, ques, and use of props are based on hear teachings.

Next biggest influence is Mahayogui Andrey Lappa, developer of the Universal Yoga System and re-organizer and master of the practice of ShivaNata. His unique pranayamas, arm asana, yantra yoga, meditation practices and yogic ways to develop coordination and reaction that are completely absent in the rest of the lineages are all combined into Gerald´s program. This portion of the program truly makes the training not only unique, but very much complete, very few western schools use this information first hand.

Another great influence on the program is Sheri Chidanandi Sherokee, who has been teaching for over 45 years and is a master herbalist and has 4 certifications in Ayurveda, having studied at the Deep Ayurvedic Institute in India. The Ayurvedic information Gerald presents regarding chakras, essential oils and body archetypes is all based on her wisdom.

The more Ashtangui influences of the Teacher Training Program are KPJAYI certified Wayne Krassner with whom Gerald practiced for 9 consecutive months daily, learning the Mysore style of teaching, adjusting and of course practicing, and, to a lesser extent but very philosophically oriented, the knowledge about Sama vinyasa learned from Chuck Miller, also co-founder of Yoga Works.

Another unique aspect brought into the program is the fact that Gerald is also a Certified translator and has been asked to translate manuals by a few teachers as well as yoga books, once again, giving him insight to knowledge very few other people can speak of.

Lastly, Gerald has a passion for teaching, and is able to quickly bring out the best abilities out of his students, being able to work with students of all levels.


  • During the 20 course you will learn Hatha & Yantra yoga (already you can see the difference)

  • The program focuses on developing your OWN practice so that you can teach from experience, we teach you the Ashtanga Mysore style of practice for that purpose. 

  • The styles taught are clearely defined, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Universal fusioned to form INFINITY YOGA.

  • The ONLY certification in Mexico offering SHIVANATA the dance of Shiva, A Buddhist practice for enlightnment, yoga for the brain. This practice helps develop coordination and reaction (completely absent in modern yoga) making the practice more complete and wholesome.

  • You will learn the definition of yoga, philosophy, history, and modern yoga.

  • You will achieve an understanding of the different types (not styles) of yoga, bhakti, Jnana, Raja, Yantra amongst others

  • We will cover Patanjali´s 8 limb path

  • We will cover the entire Ashtanga primary Series in full, including postures, adjustments, instuctions and variations.

  • We will cover universal yoga sequences and arm asana completely missing in other styles.

  • We will learn to work the five mayakoshas (layers) of the being

  • You will gain a deep understanding of what meditation actually is and how to achieve it

  • Introduction to the chakra and nadi system

  • Introduction to ayurveda

  • Yoga Anatomy 

  • Universal instructions applicable to any posture

  • Correct use of props

  • 8 Pranayama techniques 

  • Anatomy, body mechanics, phisiology of breath

  • Limited to 8 students, very personalized training

  • Hands-on, studio is open and 200hr training participants get to assist and/or teach classes as they progress, fully preparing them to teach once the training is succesfully completed.


The training can be scheduled any 20 days consecutive or not between now and March 30th 2020!

The training is offered in the Beautiful beaches of Bucerias, Mexico (fly into Puerto Vallarta) the friendliest city in the world but also the 2nd largest inhabited bay in the world.

The extra activities (for non yogui companions or complementary to your trip) are vast and sure to make your experience truly unforgettable. Unique tours, humpback whale watching, snorkeling, surfing, scuba etc!


The studio is conveniently located at the "entrance" of bucerias literally steps away from hostels, motels, hotels, Airbnb, and blocks away from Resorts and high end condominiums all available to meet any budget and taste.

Vegan vegetarian and regular options are all withing reach whether you want to cook yourself or enjoy nearby restaurants once again the prices vary very much from a couple dollars a meal to regular restaurant prices.


The training can be scheduled any 20 days consecutive or not between now and March 30th 2020!



Prices starting from 2300$.




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