230 Hours Balance of Yin Yang

-Vinyasa Yoga & Yin Yoga With Traditional Chinese Medicine (Yoga Alliance Accreditation)


Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga with TCM...


A course which combines the studies of Functional Yoga Anatomy based on studies of skeletal variations & the new evolution of Fascia motion where each students will get to experience a totally new perspective into their practice and how we can practice our yoga based on each body alignment. Morning Yang practice from basic poses to intermediate poses and studies of some inversions. Evening classes will always be completed with a Yin practice. 


His techniques of teaching combines Manual Therapy into his yoga methodology which massively covers on the importance of spinal mobility (his signature Spinal Roll™, correct movements of the joints along with the essences of Dynamic Neuroscience of the body and how the motor control functions of the spine allows the scapula to mobilize and hips mobilization; combined with his special techniques in Myofascia Trigger Point Movement Release Therapy. Trigger point therapy is one of the topics in the module training for 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training. In his training, he also emphasize a lot on the well-being of his teachers physical body alignment; their fascia adhesion in their body, postural assessment and alignment to study how their body are affected in certain yoga poses and how they can improve their yoga poses by understanding their body posture, awareness and self-alignment.


James is a ERYT500 Certified US Yoga Alliance teacher & trainer. James is fun loving, gentle but can also be dynamic in his yoga classes; accompanied with his creative sequencing and good coaching skills. His classes emphasizes a lot of foundational and functional anatomy aspects of yoga which he adopts his teachings from various yoga backgrounds throughout his 23 years of practice.


He studies and follows under the lineage of Paul Grilleys Bones variations and his focus is very much on the skeletal variation of each person. He follows closely on fascia work by Anatomy Train Thomas Myers & other great teachers such as Gil Hedly on Fascia Cadaver dissections. As a massage therapist & manual therapist himself, he incorporates a great deal of his Scoliosis and Spine rehabilitation work into his teachers training. 


Functional Anatomy 1 (70 hours):

This section of the course covers a great of the anatomy of the spine, scapula and hips and the myofascia groups which goes along with it - based on 14/10 system (14 skeletal segments, 10 myofascia groups).


Over here students will experience a great deal of studies on skeletal variations and will run through several tests on each other to study on their range of motion based on Tension versus compression aspects. 

Students will also learn how to assess postures and draw muscle groupings on each other.


A fun way to learn anatomy - definitely not boring at all! And not to forget we will definitely have our morning practices & evening practices as well!

Functional Anatomy 2 (60 hours):

This section of the course is a build up from Anatomy 1; where we will revisit and practice some basic poses & further deepen the practice to intermediate flow classes. Students will enjoy the creative sequencing which the school is also renowned to teach students how to be creative! Good systematic sequencing is very important for new teachers especially. Coaching cues will also heavily emphasized (how to speak the right words- verbal coaching)- during the course of the 230 hours of training; students will go through mentorship programs and will be given opportunities to join classes for free and teach at our centers to practice) 


Functional Yoga 2 is more movement basis which includes vinyasa flow sequences into arm balance and backbends and explore on some inversions; coaching skills will be taught and how to teach and you will be grouped into classes to practice teaching; usage of yoga props. 


100 Hours Intensive Yin Yoga training includes:

1) Fundamentals of Yin yoga  & connective tissues 

2) Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine

3) Meridian path 

4) Functional Anatomy studies - Skeletal Variations, 14 Skeletal System, 10 Myofascial Groups, 7 Archetype poses 

5) Scoliosis conditions on the spine & how yin yoga can be used to approach it 

6) Studies of fascia- Fascia Studies and Anatomy of the Muscles & Postural Analysis  7) Yin Yoga Poses and study bones variations

8))Practice Classes using props and modifications - injury prevention 

9) Emotions in Meridian organs by practicing Yin Yoga

10) Fundamentals of Sequencing & Coaching and how to teach a yin yoga class. 

11) Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Case studies and how can yin yoga meridian poses helps in the diagnosis. (You will receive a Free AcuYin book as a guide manual book) 

12) Acupressure practice incorporated into yin yoga 

13) Highlight- visit to the Crystal healing room and yin yoga practice with Sound Healing 

14) Yin Yang combined practice and how to sequence different types of theme classes for yin yoga 

15) Concepts of Tension & Compression in Yin yoga 

16) Concepts of Fascia and why we should hold long in a pose. 

17) Also covers in depth studies of TCM, self diagnosis treatments through acupressure,Gua Sha & Cupping Techniques , Moxibustion and of course Yin Yoga practices to help rebalance the body’s Qi flow. A combination of some Qi Gong and Basic Yin Yang flow in morning practices and Yin practice in the evening; studies of Functional Anatomy based on skeletal variations and fascia in the poses, Yoga Nidra, understanding the usage of yin yoga props. 


Venue: Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia

Located at Trefoil; Setia Alam (1 hour cab ride from KL International Airport)


Healthy Diet Vegetarian Lunch is provided during the course except for off days


The training center is located at a business building hub at Trefoil@Setia City at Setia Alam.

Twin sharing or Single studio apartment Accommodation with WiFi, Gym & Pool & Sauna facilities, 24-hours Coined Laundry, WIFI Cafe, Starbucks, Shopping Mall, 24 hours Convenience Store -All right at walking distance. 


Date of trainings:  3rd  - 31st August 2020


Functional Anatomy 1- 13th-19th July 2020

Functional Anatomy 2- 21st-26th July 2020

Yin Yoga- 3rd-12th August 2020

Practical Test and Written- 2nd September 2020



Full Course fee & Twin Sharing Accommodation & Lunch Meals during course provide:

A) 3500 Sterling Pounds  (SUPER early bird by End February 2020) 

B) 3600 Sterling Pounds (Early bird by End April 2020)

C) 3800 Sterling Pounds (Normal Price) 


FREE classes to attend in the center 


NOTE: For single room additional of 500 Pounds 




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