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Updated: Oct 17, 2019

B a l a n c e ..... We talk so much about balance in the yoga world. Balance of the physical kind, balance of the mental kind, balance in how we live our lives - how we eat, how we manage our time etc. But what does balance truly mean to us as women?

Perhaps what immediately comes to mind is the balance of showing up for your family/friends and working/running a business at the same time, or walking the precarious tightrope of balance when we simply give too much of ourselves to others but don’t set aside any time to fill our own cup.

I believe that the key to balance can be found in self understanding - and not self understanding of the “I’m on my journey, I’m searching for my truth” kind (although that is super useful). I’m talking about the self understanding that comes from being attuned to every phase of your internal moon cycle, from having been initiated into the Blood Mysteries of menstruation and birth (whether literal or creative), from intuiting the change in your hormones and subsequent emotions and being able to respond accordingly so that you can meet yourself in the space you’re in.

For so long we’ve been taught to run on autopilot because it’s the “done thing” but so many of us out here are slowly finding their way back home to themselves and reconnecting to the vast wealth of knowledge that we hold within the womb space. Women began to pioneer this work decades ago but we are the generation who will lend their voices to the movement so that it becomes normal, instead of unheard of, weird, or taboo. Come home to your body.

Come home to the magic and the mystery you carry within your very cells. Learn how to re establish the balance between being a career woman by day but a wild sister of the moon by night. Honour the mysteries you hold within, and they will honour you.

Prithvi Mudra: for balance, stability, & confidence.

Thank you Haley Blackman for this beautiful insight. Haley is an advocate for female empowerment and healthy body image, her other passion lies within empowering women.

Haley runs some amazing workshops and retreats , check her out





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