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Hormonal Health Retreat For Women

As women, sometimes we need some time and help to understand the natural rhythms of our body and what that is trying to tell us. When we learn how to balance our hormones and accept the flow of our cycle, the rest of our body and mind will find more balance as well. When we understand how our moods change and what that really means, we become better equipped to handle all of the roller coasters in our life. A practice of yoga and meditation allows us to heighten our awareness of many of these things. It allows us to become present and conscious of the subtle patterns of the body and mind and how we can bring more stillness and balance into the mix.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed with our crazy lives of so much technology, things to do, stress and distractions; we can become easily detached from our consciousness of what it means to be a woman and how our cycle affects our life. Our menstrual cycle is a very powerful, stress sensitive and responding system. When we nourish our hormonal system and become deeply connected with our cycle, we can experience more wisdom, insight and power of the feminine energy. When we usually feel tension, anxiety, pain and mood changes during our periods, we typically reach out for quick fixes in medication instead of really tuning in and relaxing into this natural part of being a woman.

However, there are many ways to utilize yoga and meditation plus knowledge to relieve a lot of this tension and pain. Through certain yoga postures and breathing patterns, we can alleviate a lot of that tension and become more deeply connected with who we truly are and how we can harness that feminine power to find balance and peace within our daily lives. It is very important to understand the basics of hormonal health and how nutrition and lifestyle can influence it.

Multiple times this year, there will be women gathering to do just this. They will be deepening their relationship with their bodies, their natural cycles and how they find balance in the world. By learning many practices in yoga, meditation and mindfulness, they will find themselves reconnecting with their bodies on a deeper level. Come join them for this amazing Hormonal Health Retreat for Women in East Java, Bali at the Joyo's Surf Camp GLand in Alas Purwo National Park.

Alas Purwo is the site where the earth first emerged from the ocean. This ancient forest attracts many spiritual seekers who gather for meditation in the caves and visit a famous Hindu temple in the park. This land will allow you to reconnect to Mother Earth and you will personally find clarity and healing in order to renew your perspective and find deeper relaxation. These retreats will take you on a journey to reconnect deeper within your body and mind. By reducing stress and improving balance and flexibility, your body will benefit while you will also become aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they affect your energetic systems as well.

This retreat will be led by Gosia Orlicz who is a holistic pharmacist, health coach, yoga teacher and therapist. She specializes in women's hormonal health and therapeutic yoga while incorporating knowledge from both Western and Eastern modalities of health. She helps her students understand how a yoga practice can initiate transformation and healing within the body, mind and spirit. This retreat is open to all! It doesn't matter how much experience you have, just book your yoga retreat and retreat yourself to the jungle where you can reconnect to nature and yourself while relaxing and transforming your life!

Here are the dates for 2020!

March 20-27

May 3-9

August 6-12

October 11-17

November 1-7

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