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Should I be a Yoga Teacher?

Okay so you've been hooked on yoga for a few years, going to all the classes, all the styles and all the teachers. You feel like yoga is one of the best things to incorporate into a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. You want to learn more and more, keep practicing and really stretch your limits. Sometimes, you feel like you could just do yoga all day and you would love to make some new friends with other yogis.

These days, teacher training's for yoga are happening all over the world. More and more people from different countries, different cultures, different walks of life; well they are all interested in yoga and want to understand the full picture. You might not always learn too much from a single yoga class. And sometimes good yoga classes might not even be available where you live. So why not immerse yourself in the full experience? Why not learn everything about yoga in a holistic way while connecting with amazing teachers and an enlivening community.

For me when I got really into yoga as a college student, I couldn't resist going to classes every day and wanting to practice as much as possible. Never would I have thought that I would want to be a teacher though. "That seems way to nerve wracking", I thought. "I could never have the confidence to speak in front of a group and tell them all these complicated moves." It seemed beyond scary to me. When my yoga teacher asked me to join the teacher training, I was only 20 years old, very shy and I didn't think that I could even explain what was going on in a yoga class. She told me that anyone could do it. She told me that it would help so many different aspects of my life. And boy was she right.

And you know doing a yoga teacher training course is quite the commitment. You have to dedicate at least 200 hours of your time plus quite a bit of money. As a busy college student with no job, I thought how in the world would I ever manage to do something like this. But as you know, the universe usually provides and it turns out that over the summer I had quite a bit of free time and I could even talk my parents into the importance of doing something like this so that they would support me.

So I went into it pretty fired up to become a strong and powerful yoga teacher and I was more excited than anything. I took it very seriously, wrote everything down and kept practicing no matter how tired I was. Well I don't think I have to go into all of the details because yoga teacher training's cover a lot of information. We learned things like the human anatomy, yoga sutras, yogic philosophy, how to build a flow, how to match breath with movement, the details of each pose, meditation, kirtan, the history of yoga, the names of the poses in Sanskrit, the science behind the practice, how to give adjustments, how to modify poses, and so so so much more.

Plus each type of yoga has endless amounts of information. And once you try one practice, sometimes you want to supplement that with another practice. So really the learning can go on forever. But what exactly were the benefits for me as I became a yoga teacher. As I said, I was shy. I never even wanted to raise my hand in class to speak in front of everyone. Teaching yoga changed that faster than anything. I started to feel so comfortable to speak in front of people; it was so easy, so unexpected.

That yoga teacher training was actually the spark of ignition in my spiritual journey. I realized that yoga was much more than just the exercises. Yoga is rooted in spirituality and by tapping into meditation and the real purpose of yoga, I began to incorporate spiritual practices into my everyday life. This teacher training helped me build an amazing community of people with whom I am still connected. It helped me learn how to improv, how to make mistakes and how it's always just part of the flow and the process. I grew into a person who could speak with power and authority, while also holding space for relaxation, reflection and personal growth.

So becoming a yoga teacher can be a huge step. It can be a game changer and a transformation in your life. It can open doors to so many different opportunities. You don't even have to become a yoga teacher right away though and it will still benefit your life in so many ways. You can now have the knowledge and comfort to practice yoga wherever you are without having to always go to a class. That individual, home practice can be the place where the yoga can really start doing its magic.

So what is it that you are moving into this year. Do you want to become an embodied and balanced leader who can help people find more peace in their lives? Becoming a yoga teacher is a wonderful gift for both yourself and the world. So just think about it. Which magical land, tropical destination or deeply sacred soil do you want to embark upon to take this step to transform so many things in your life?

Make sure to book your yoga retreat and retreat yourself before it is too late. Whenever we simply say that we might do something later, it never happens. So why don't we just do it now, who knows maybe it could be a cheap yoga retreat, or a yoga retreat in India or Indonesia. Anything is possible and the world is out there waiting for us.

Here's a couple amazing yoga teacher training's that are coming up so make sure to check them out when you are making your selection!!





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