• Michelle Pitcher

Sound Healing in Paradise

When I first encountered sound healing, it was happening at the end of a yoga class. As we were lying in savasana (corpse pose), someone started making some beautiful sounds with different instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, a didgeridoo, tuning forks or some native American flutes. I felt like I could just melt even deeper into my mat and into relaxation. I could feel the sounds penetrating into my body, relaxing my muscles and quieting my mind.

As I progressed deeper into my path of yoga, meditation, dance and spirituality, I started to notice sound healing was happening everywhere. People would use different sound healing modalities in meditation practices. It would happen at the end of dance sessions or during group chanting. The power of vibration and music has been noticed by all kinds of people and now it is utilized in a variety of practices. It helps to harmonize the benefits of the other practices and close by bringing the mind into stillness and peace.

Sound healing consists of particular instruments which make certain vibrations that are ideal for healing and relaxation. These vibrations come from the root of all sounds and help us feel more connected with our essence. These particular vibrations can bring us to deeper states than we would find otherwise in the loud chaos of our normal lives.

There are many scientific health benefits that the body can find from sound healing. According to Health Line, sound healing can help with many things like reducing stress, decreasing anxiety and depression, improving memory, reducing blood pressure and pain, lowering cholesterol and decreasing risk of heart attack or stroke. It can balance both hemispheres of the brain, improve sleep, remove blockages and toxins within the body, stimulate circulation, endocrine glands and regulate hormonal functioning. It also helps to strengthen our immune system.

Different sound vibrations can bring our mind into a place of stillness and peace. It can help us access a deeper level of meditation than we would normally find. I have noticed that people with trauma can respond and benefit tremendously from sound healing. These particular sound waves can improve brain functioning and help us respond to the stresses of life in a more peaceful way. People with traumatic brain injuries or who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome, can find a lot of relief and therapeutic value from sound healing because the sound vibrations can actually re-wire and change their current brain status.

So just imagine, being in a warm, tropical location, doing yoga and meditation while bathing in beautiful sounds and feeling more peaceful and relaxed by the moment. These particular sounds have a positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional well-being and it is great to incorporate with a regular yoga or meditation practice. While re-tuning your brain, feeling calm and deeply relaxed, you can just lay back and allow the vibrations of the sound to do that magic for you without any external efforts.

If you are curious about booking a yoga retreat this year to really dive in and experience the magic of sound healing, there is an amazing one coming up in Puerto Rico. Check out the link below to see more details :) So retreat yourself and book a yoga retreat!





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