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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Today, yoga has become very popular as a form of exercise and relaxation. People hurry off to their yoga classes in the midst of their busy schedules in order to relieve their stress and feel better. People are craving yoga more than ever. They feel that yogic high and keep coming back for more and more. Many people refine their lifestyle, their diets, their communities and their way of seeing life after practicing a lot of yoga. The purification that yoga provides sets in naturally in so many ways.

We may notice that our lives feel changed after practicing yoga regularly, but what exactly are some of the benefits of yoga and are we aware of them? Well as you can imagine, yoga can have a positive impact on many things like our mental, physical and energetic wellbeing. We find more awareness, clarity and focus in our everyday life. We gain physical strength, flexibility and endurance. We cultivate more energy within the body and let go of trapped stress and tension.

Let’s take a look at a few of the physical benefits of yoga on the body. Practicing yoga can help prevent cartilage and joint breakdown. As we take our joints through a wide range of motion, we “squeeze and soak” these joints so that they are flooded with fresh nutrients. Practicing yoga can increase blood flow within the body.

Many poses help improve circulation and get more oxygen into the cells. Twists and inversions can flood our system with fresh, oxygenated blood. Practicing yoga can boost your immunity, increase your heart rate and lower blood pressure and blood sugar. These are just a few physical benefits that we can enjoy while we practice yoga, but the list can go on.

Now what about the benefits on our mental health as we practice yoga. Yoga can increase our awareness of the body. This can help us with focus and attention as we do our activities throughout the day. People who have keen awareness of the body don’t tend to get into accidents very often and they know how to take care of their body.

One of the biggest attractions to yoga is that it helps to relieve stress. As we breathe and move through the postures, we let go of a lot of stress and tension in the body. In a fast paced world with lots of demands, keeping our stress level at the minimum is absolutely essential. And stress can be the root of many diseases, so keeping our stress under control helps improve our health as well!

Yoga sharpens our concentration. As we become more concentrated, we can excel more in our work and in our studies. We can increase our productivity and be more effective in taking in new information with less time. As there are many things in the world today which can distract us, with good concentration we can do very well in multiple aspects of our life.

Another primary benefit of yoga is that it calms and centers our nervous system. The nervous system is very important to our health and well being as a whole. It impacts many things and with a healthy nervous system, we can do many things in life with much more ease. The nervous system controls all of our everyday activities as well as the more complex processes and brain growth and development. When our nervous system is not strong, we enter the state of “fight or flight” where stress hormones are released in the body which make it difficult for us to perform well under stress. So if we can turn that off by keeping our nervous system calm and centered, we enter “rest and digest” where many healing processes occur.

As we are practicing yoga and all of these things are happening within the body, we can feel an energetic shift happening. Practicing yoga in the morning can set you up with lots of energy, excitement and focus for the day. We feel more strong and flexible. We don’t have as much stress and tension to damper on the day.

Once you start practicing yoga regularly you will feel the difference. It will open your mind up to seeing life in a different way. It can even help you incorporate meditation into your life. Yoga is the gift which keeps on giving. It is something that we should all incorporate into our daily routine if we want to feel some of these benefits and improve our wellness!





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