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Transitioning Into the Winter Months

As the fall is quickly coming to an end, many people in the northern hemisphere are beginning to retreat inwards a bit more as the cold weather fills their reality. The transition into the chilly months can be rough for some. Some may feel less motivation and enthusiasm to go out and do things. However, the transition can also be a relief for the busy bodies who now want to have some more peaceful, cozy nights by the campfire. This can be a great opportunity for us to practice self care and really get to know ourselves on a deeper level without all of the hustle and bustle that happens during the summer months of sunshine and playing outside.

Many of us realize that we can really nurture ourselves during these winter months. We can really reflect and slow down. We can enjoy spending time with family and friends. We can invest in our new hobbies and interests. We can take advantage of these chilly months by being productive in our own ways. We can really nurture ourselves to feel taken care of and rejuvenated. In this article I will mention some useful tips to really take advantage of this transition into the winter and how we can incorporate a healthy lifestyle for the body and mind.

Our winter diet can be a very important factor that can affect how energized and good we feel. By adding warming foods to our diet, we can find more balance from the cold and dry environment around us. We can make hot soups including lots of root vegetables and herbs to feel more grounded and warm. We can eat warm porridge in the morning, packed with super foods like almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios. We can include ghee, milk and butter in our diet to continue warming up our body.

There are some great herbs which we can cook with that keep the immunity strong and free from colds. These can include thyme, sage, rosemary, turmeric, ginger and black pepper. We can also include some immunity boosting herbal tea to prevent ourselves from catching any colds or the flu. Some wonderful ingredients for healthy tea can include tulsi (holy basil), echinachea, ginger, turmeric and green tea.

During the winter time, there is plenty of rejuvenating and relaxing activities which we can do. We can relax into a hot epsom salt bath with eucalyptus oils while listening to our favorite music. We can find pastimes like writing in our journals, making artwork, doing puzzles, reading books or sewing. When we stay indoors and focus on creative projects, it helps open our mind and it can be quite relaxing.

Practicing yoga is another great thing for us to do during the winter. Yoga helps our bodies warm up, purify and stay in good shape for the harsh climates and sicknesses that can arise. There are a variety of yoga poses which can helps us cleanse and purify our system. They can help us stay warm and improve our immune system. The yoga poses that are great for winter include: seated forward bend, triangle pose, shoulder stand, cobra pose, bow pose and locust pose. It's always good to practice yoga in a warm place where we can loosen up our muscles. So why not find a yoga retreat and book a yoga retreat in a tropical and warm destination? Some great options could be yoga retreat Indonesia, yoga retreat India, yoga retreat Asia, or yoga retreat South America.

Here's some more healthy lifestyle tips for the winter! Make sure to frequently get massages with oils which will help relieve the naturally contracted muscles and dry skin of winter. Make sure you spend at least some time outside getting some fresh air and sunlight. This can be by taking a walk outside, working in the yard, going on a bike ride or sun gazing. Even though it might be tempting to nap during these long winter days, make sure to sleep well at night and don't nap during the day because this can make you quite sluggish and unproductive.

So even though many of us might start to feel sad and depressed as the sunny days start coming to an end, the warm flip flop weather is a thing of the past, and we now have to rush out into the cold to get anything done, there are still many positive aspects about this yearly transition into winter. It is all just a part of the magic and wonder of living in four seasons. We can appreciate the change. We can embrace and reflect on who we are and who we have become. We can reassess where we want to be in the coming year. We can take care of ourselves and be strong.

Winter can be a powerful time for yogis. We can find even more of our own inner fire, and go deeper into our practices of self discovery. We can take refuge from the outside world and instead, we can revel and explore on the inside. So if you ever feel down during this transition into the winter months, remember to find and ignite your own inner fire and source of warmth. Remember to reflect and dive deep into who you truly are and who you truly want to become. Remember to slow down and care for yourself. Embrace the change, be the change and witness the change continuing to happen, again and again.





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