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What Are Your Hips Telling Us?

Trendelenburg Test

Balancing the pelvis is a key factor in normal gait as well as yoga poses. Conversely, persons with weakness in the hip abductors develop what is known as a “Trendelenberg” gait, where the pelvis tilts up and shifts toward the affected side during the stance phase of walking. A variety of conditions can affect the hip abductors, including hip pain (from arthritis) and injury to the nerve supply of the gluteus medius. . In medicine, we test the function of the hip abductors by having the patient stand on one leg in the “Trendelenberg Test”. When the muscles are competent, they automatically engage to draw the pelvis level; when the muscles are weakened, the pelvis on the standing leg side lifts (while the lifted leg side sags downward). At the same time, the spine curves toward the affected hip, with the shoulder girdle tilting towards that side. Image 1 illustrates the Trendelenberg Test. Note how the pelvis tilts and the spine laterally flexes when the gluteus medius does not engage properly.

Trendelenburg Test

. Image1: The Trendeleberg Test; The centre image illustrates the gluteus medius engaging to stabilize the pelvis. Image on the right and left illustrates pelvic tilt and lateral spine flexion with the dysfunctional gluteus medius. . The spine compensating for the tilt of the pelvis is an example of lumbar-pelvic rhythm. To read more on this important subject read our blog post, “Preventative Strategies for Lower Back Strains in Yoga”. To learn more about the muscles involved in one-legged standing poses read our blog post, “Improving Stability in One Legged Standing Poses.” . . Excerpt from: “Anatomic Sequencing: Revolved Half Moon Pose” Read more @ . . #TrendelbergTest, #gluteusmedius, #bandhayoga, #raylong, #raylongmd, #chrismacivor, #dailybandha, #stretching, #body, #asana, #yogapose, #yogainspiration, #yogalife, #yogafit, #yogabody, #yogadaily, #yogateacher, #yogajourney, #yogalover, #yogaaddict, #yogaart, #yogaeveryday, #yogacommunity, #movement, #anatomy, #yoga, #muscles, #instayoga, #yogapractice, #igyoga





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