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Yoga for Grounding and Resilience During these Stressful Times

As we have seen all across the world, all aspects of our daily lives have dramatically changed in a matter of weeks. Many cities and countries across Europe have completely shut down because of the Corona virus, now the USA is shutting down, and we really don't know exactly what will come next. There is no way that we can control what might happen, there is no way to know what is going to happen next. Our daily routines have been disturbed, our work has been stopped and we are no longer able to just go out and do whatever we want to do. People are being forced to stay inside of their houses and entertain themselves there. This can be manageable for some people who might be used to it, but for others who are very active and spend all of their time out, this can be very challenging to slow down.

Many people have started practicing yoga as a way to relieve stress and feel more balance in their lives. It can be a grounding practice where we can slow down and find more peace and stillness within. Yoga can help us cope with many things that might be happening in life and it can help us feel better about whatever is happening. Usually we will go to yoga classes because it might feel easier to practice yoga when we are out of our house and we are in an environment which is very quiet, very clean and very peaceful. The yoga studios make a point to keep the ambiance of the place very peaceful and ideal for practicing yoga.

Well now, we don't have the luxury to go off to yoga classes around town. People are starting to live stream their yoga classes, watch videos on YouTube or go off of what yoga flows they have learned and practiced in the past. Today it is all about home practice. Today people are sharing their practices across social media to help inspire others around the world to keep practicing even if they are stuck at home. Katie with Wild Thing Yoga has released a new video about yoga for grounding and resilience. Feel free to check out the link to enjoy this practice. Grounding and resilience are some of the most important qualities that we can cultivate in these times of instability. When we feel more grounded and more resilient within, then we can withstand the turbulence around us in a more graceful fashion.

So instead of passing your days laying on the couch and watching the news, try to incorporate some new healthy habits into your daily life. You can wake up early and begin with some deep breathing practices. Then you can practice a yoga sequence that is both invigorating and grounding. You can link your breath with your movements and work on cultivating these qualities of being grounded and resilient. You can transmute the energies within the body to help nourish the mind in a way that you can finally let go of all of that stress and fear which has been building up.

Katie will also be running a weekend retreat in Yorkshire, UK this coming September. This retreat will be a beautiful weekend of yoga, fresh air in nature and the chance to connect with other yogis. It will include hikes around picturesque scenery and waterfalls, beautiful accommodation atop a hill, delicious vegan food, sunrise meditation, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, pranayama, cacao ceremony and sound baths. So once all these crazy times are over, take the chance to retreat yourself and book your yoga retreat in Europe to this amazing destination and just unwind, relax and enjoy the bliss of being you.

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