GREECE, Santorini

Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreat in Santorini Greece

Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats offers you one of the most amazing wellness experiences on one of the most beautiful islands in world, Santorini Greece! This incredible experience takes place in Oia Santorini, the most photographed destination in all of Greece. Come see the famous cliff cascading white homes, blue top churches and expansive deep blue Aegean sea like you’ve never seen before. Santorini is the perfect place to revitalize your passion for health and enjoy expert yoga and Pilates classes in a gorgeous location. Join our incredible Sky Retreats team of 3 fully qualified expert instructors and movement specialists this year for an unforgettable experience. 


Sky Retreats offers you 2 package options to choose from, private bungalow accommodations for one person or shared accommodations for two persons. Each private and shared bungalow is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, kitchenette, wifi, air conditioning and outdoor seating. Come with a friend or travel solo and make new friends! Your Sky Retreat is more than a yoga retreat it is an experience of wellness, culture and community. The backdrop for your holiday will leave you captivated, enlightened, and elevated to another realm. You won't want to miss this incredible opportunity to transform your yoga and Pilates practice and your view on the splendors of nature.


16-23 May

23-30 May

11-18 July

18-25 July

25 July - 1 August

12 - 19 September

19 - 26 September


1499€ Private Accommodation Full Retreat package,

1199€ Shared Accommodation Full Retreat Package (2 persons to a room).

Persons can book shared and we would pair them together if need be, or they can come with a friend. 




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