GUATEMALA, Lake Atitlan

A Life Changing Experience ...

For anyone who is on the path to...

- A Better Life
- Receiving tangible tools to enhance their spiritual practice
- Increase their resilience
- Hone their vision
- Find ease in times of transition
- Deepening their understanding of the processes of Transformation, Transmutation, Spiritual Awakening

We are inviting you to a playful and transformational Kundalini Yoga experience at the Mystical Yoga Farm, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
During this adventure, we will take you on a powerful journey through your Ten Bodies.

In the same way as you experience your physical body as real, you can get in touch with your other bodies by bringing awarness to their inner qualities. A specific Kundalini Yoga practice, blending with creative workshops, will expand your consciousness to all aspects of yourself. This journey is a time of observance, meditation, purification and celebration. We are honored to alchemize the energy of the Mayan Cosmovision to our Yogic journey, by expanding in this volcanic vortex. You will experience a Mayan Ceremony, to anchor your experience and we will share daily about the Calendar. Your body will get nurtured with freshly cooked and healthy vegan love-food. Your soul will be nourished by sharing a heart-open space with a conscious community. We will offer ritual in magical alignment with the New-Moon, an amazing opportunity to plant the seeds received from transformational process. And so much more, surprisingly unfolding...

This retreat will provide you a deep Kundalini Yoga experience enriched with all the creative workshops. Remembering space beyond matter, places beyond time and feelings beyond emotions. The land of Guatemala is intensly charged by Volcanos and the Lake Atitlan is well known for being a incredible magnetic vortex. The Ten Bodies Yoga Retreat is looking forward to share this experience with you, facilitating a time where you will unifying student and master within. The retreat is open to all who are called. Past experience in Kundalini Yoga is not required ! It is open for anyone who feel called to dive deep. The practice of Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology that could bring powerful transformation in your life.

Review from 2019 Retreat : "I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is on transformational journey and wants to connect deeper with their heart and their physical and emotional body. It helped me feel deep emotions that I didn`t even know I had...from the very first day.


 April 18th til April 24th 2020


997€ Shared Room / 1197€ Private Room (1111$ / 1333€$)




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