MOROCCO, Taghazout 

Our organism is an impressively powerful and perfectly tuned system. It needs energy, but can also provide resources that we perceive as vitality, alertness, strength and joy of life.    

In this experience, we offer you a deep insight into how a healthy lifestyle increases your

performance - on land and on water.  We discover our own sources of strength within us and begin to activate them.  We reflect on our mental attitude towards surfing, health and life in general.

We optimize the physical and mental preparation and recovery as well as the appropriate nutrient supply in sports- in short: we learn to use and regenerate your energy

resources efficiently. 

And all this during an unforgettable time in the breathtaking surroundings of the Agadir

coastal region with like-minded people from all over the world.  

We are proud and humble to invite you to this special place that we appreciate so much. A

place of simplicity, peace and joy of life. 

This experience is for everyone and we offer courses and coaching for all levels, so - just

come, we look forward to seeing you!    


 Your home away from home

Our antique stone sheepfold, completely renovated and equipped with all the comforts for a stay in the middle of an argan grove. Located in a natural and protected area, with

incredible views of the mountains and the sea. The house has a beautiful garden and pool with sea views. The spacious architectural structure of the place with various common rooms invites you to stay together or alone.  

The beautiful surroundings invite you to take walks and simply relax your eyes and your mind on untouched hills and the ocean in the distance.




We know it and we live it - food is medicine! Our predominantly vegetable wholefood meals are not only super delicious, but also medically monitored compositions for optimal nutrient intake and energy supply. We source our products from organic and local farmers. All meals are prepared by our private chef himself or by locals with whom we work together - for example our bread.

We are all different and due to our body constitution we all have different needs when it comes to nutrition. In our nutrition group coaching, I will meet you where you are at. Together we will reflect on and begin to optimize your eating habits so that you start to develop a feeling for what is good for your body and what is not. In our food preparation course, I will show you simple, healthy and mouthwatering recipes that you can easily incorporate into your diet at home.

Ø Please inform us in advance about any dietary restrictions! Thank you!


 Stress management

Mental stability and emotional balance release undreamt-of powers. When we are mentally awake and vital, we are open to new perspectives. When we are angry, anxious or tense, we lose sight of these possibilities. Our mind becomes entangled in a power-sapping restlessness, supposedly simple situations overtax us.

In our group stress management coaching we will start to identify stressors and stress behavior. From this I will provide you with tools for mental stability, inner balance and a more mindful awareness. In your surf lessons you can already apply what you have learned- this sport is an excellent lab and playground to reflect and renew mental patterns.




Aside from the obvious physical benefits such as increased flexibility, strength and balance, the facts show that yoga has numerous other proven health benefits such as: decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation, improvement of heart health, improvement of life quality, helping fight depression, reducing chronic pain, improving sleep, regulation of eating habits, improving posture and lung function, and more ..

In combination with surfing, yoga especially helps us:

... to breathe more consciously and efficiently- which makes you more powerful physically and mentally

... by increasing body tone, body control and balance overall

... by stretching our muscles and mobilize our joints before and after

 Yoga has grown massively in popularity over the past few years, with passionate yogis

 stretching around the world- and the trend is still rising.

 Our dynamic flows (Vinyasa) will recharge your energy levels in the morning and peaceful

 relaxing yoga (yin) in the evening will help relieve physical and mental tension.




 The well-being we get from surfing goes far beyond just the joy of riding a wave. In addition

 to the obvious physical training, it not only improves coordination and balance. Surfing in

 cold waters also boosts our immune system and has beneficial effects on our hormonal

 system that- amongst others- lead to improvement of organ function, stress release and

 mood elevation. The waters purifying qualities on body and mind have been known

 throughout history.


The offer

• 2 x 1 hours stress management group coaching   

• 2 hours nutrition group coaching with food preparation course  

• Daily morning and evening Yoga classes (Vinyasa Flow, Yin and restorative Yoga,

Pranayama, Meditation)  

• 5 half days surfing   

• 2 hours surf analysis  

• Hiking in the surrounding mountains  

• Full day excursion to the surroundings  

• 7 nights in selected accommodation in our beautiful villa  

• Brunch, packed lunch, dinner (organic, from local source)  

• Surf material  

• Yoga material  

• Transportation from Agadir airport/bus station  

• Daily cleaning service  


Not included in the above listed prices:  

 • Flights 

• Transfer to Agadir 

• Travel insurance  

• Extras: 

o 1:1personalcoaching(stressmanagement,nutrition,lifestyle,relationships)    o Gentlecraniosacral/osteopathictreatmentinthehead/shoulderarea  

o Naturalfacialtreatmentwith argan clayand argan oilandgentle

lymphatic drainage massage  of the face

o Hammamandmassage


Tips for packing: 

Although the area is mostly warm and sunny, it can get cool in the morning and evening due to the sea breeze. We recommend bringing warm clothing for this time of day.  

Bring a hat, sunglasses, long light clothing and sunscreen - the sun is much more intense than in Europe - yes, this is Africa!  

If you bring your own wetsuit: 2/3 is good for the summer, 4/5 for the winter season

 The arrival:  

Most people fly to Agadir or Marrakesh. From Agadir it is 60 minutes and from Marrakech 3 h 15 minutes by car to us.  

Transport can be arranged from both airports.  

Please organize your trip so that you arrive in the afternoon of your arrival day. Also consider stopping over for a night if you wish to have a more relaxed journey.  



10 April 2020 - 17 April 2020


 Private single room, ensuite bathroom,   1049,00 €

 Private shared* room, ensuite bathroom,    938,00 €

Shared double room, ensuite bathroom,      938,00 €

Shared triple room, ensuite bathroom, *(double bed: suitable for couples, close friends)   847,00 €

Terms of payment:

50% of the cost of the retreat is required at the time of booking to secure your place, the balance must be paid at least 6 weeks before the start of the experience.  


Cancellation policy:

2 weeks from order - full refund  

30 days before the beginning of the experience - loss of 50% of the deposit   Less than 30 days until the start of the experience - no refund 




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