Join BeWell-Yoga on the edges of the stunning Lake Como, Italy for their Yoga Alliance certified 200 hr Vinyasa Flow & Yin Yoga Teacher Training


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is one of the most common and popular forms of Yoga. This is a series of sequences and postures all linked to inhalation or exhalation. It is a smooth practise with all of the poses running into each-other in an interconnected format.In vinyasa yoga, each movement is synchronised to a breath. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next. Vinyasa flow can be delivered as a soft practise, intermediate practise or indeed strong dynamic practise dependant on the level of the practitioners.This type of Yoga is a 'moving meditation' and practitioners experience a relaxed sensation in both body and mind following the practise.This style of Yoga is hugely beneficial to all  types of Yoga students and is a great introduction to Yoga before focusing on something more specific.

Yin Yoga

Yin - a style of Yoga where the practitioner holds postures for 1-3 minutes. Unlike a regular dynamic swift paced Yoga class that focuses on the superior muscles, this style of Yoga focuses on giving a little TLC to the deeper connective tissues.Yin Yoga helps us to gently and mindfully work on the connective tissues welcoming increased blood flow and oxygen to that area. If we're already training our superior muscles all week with other sports or at the gym, it might make more sense to use Yin Yoga as a complimentary Yoga practise. Yin Yoga is also a meditation. By remaining in one pose for 1-3 minutes, we have a major opportunity to observe the mind, observe the thoughts and begin to work on weeding out the garden of our mind. This style is hugely beneficial to people with hectic fizzy and busy minds who find it difficult to 'switch off' (though it's quite a challenge for them to settle into this practise at first!) This style of Yoga can help those dealing with anxiety or intrusive thoughts as there is ample time to reflect on tools and techniques to 'observe' the mind as opposed to 'reacting' to the mind. It is also very beneficial to people who  tend to get 'knots' or myofascial trigger points from desk jobs, posture or sports.


Miriam O' Reilly 

BeWell - Owner and Lead Trainer 

BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School & Yoga Classes


I began my wellness journey over 7 years ago  in Lake Como, Italy and lived there for about 7 years also.

My wellness journey has taken me on training courses and retreats in Italy, Spain, Morocco, Sri Lanka and Bali in search of learning ancient Wellness skills rooted in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy and Sound Healing.

I qualified as an internationally recognised RYT-200 Yoga Teacher in January 2015 having studied intensively in Ubud, Bali.

I spent some time offering Vinyasa Flow Yoga lessons in and around Lake Como, Milan and Ticino, switzerland before moving back to Ireland in Summer 2019 to focus on BeWell-Ireland and BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School.

I enjoy sharing Wellness 'tools and tips' with students. 

My passion is empowering people on their personal journey to Wellbeing and coaching people on daily habits and practises to help them reach their highest potential.


Lead Trainer & Owner - BeWell-Yoga Teacher Training School (RYS Accredited Yoga Alliance 200Hours Training School)

Yoga Teacher at Be Well Yoga

Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT200) - Yoga Alliance International 

Owner of BeWell-Ireland a marketing and booking platform for wellness services in Ireland (est. 2018)

10xYears work experience in Marketing, Retail, Business Development in multinational companies internationally

6years - Retail and Marketing with VF International, Switzerland.

1.5  years -Advertising Sales for special economic country reports published within The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal

Graduate of Law and European Studies LLB

Fluent in English, Italian and Spanish 


This is a Yoga alliance recognised 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training CourseFor Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga. 

As all Internationally recognised Yoga Teacher Training courses require, there are a set number of hours dedicated to specific topics, all with the aim of preparing you to be a certified 200 Hours teacher.

We go above and beyond to not only deliver these topics but to encourage a deep experience of new concepts through active workshopping where possible.

We will be looking at ​​

  • Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

  • Teaching Practise

  • Business of Wellness


Como  is nestled in the heart of breath-taking lake and mountain scenery. A tranquil, scenic, quaint and elegant small northern Italian city. Boasting villas, gardens and enchanting cobblestone walks, meters from the lake. 


Enjoy an 'apero' after a day's training followed by an exquisite farm to table  Italian dinner on the lakeside, soaking in the twinkling lights that dance across the lake...


Some might know that the concept of Zero km food is a concept that first appeared in Italy. Italians are proud of 'farm to table' solutions and by taking such pride in knowing where and how their food arrives to the table, Italians have secured world records for health and longevity.


It's not often one can take up to one month's time off work. Nor one month away from family and the day to day responsibilities of life. How often do we gather our finances and invest in three weeks of learning and growth, simply for ourselves?



We take the stunning natural aspects of the location of Lake Como, the classic details of Italian daily life from our local knowledge and the standard Yoga Teacher Training syllabus, to deliver a truly Italian Yoga Teacher Training experience.


Our goal is to move beyond classroom delivery of textbook materials, and carry the understanding and discovery of Yoga philosophy and other key topics into local, memorable experiences around Lake Como.


The course is intense. You will have a lot of daily tasks to prepare in order to pre-familiarise yourself with concepts before they are presented and deepened in workshops. What you sow, you will reap. You may be too busy to find time to relax on the lake, but you can be guaranteed that your Yoga Teacher Training course will prove to be a deep and meaningful discovery of yourself, Italy and the hidden gems of this beautiful lake town, Como.


This Yoga Teacher Training  is the first of it's kind in Como center with a venue located in the heart of Como's old quarter.


Live like a local enjoying accommodation in the heart of Como's old quarter and hopping into a local cafe for your cappuccino and cornetto breakfast each morning. 


Enjoy a unique Yoga Teacher Training delivered primarily by an Irish expat Yoga teacher, fluent in Italian,  who has lived in Como for nearly 7 years and strives to deliver clients a unique and local Italian Wellness experience.


As accommodation can be difficult  and costly to find in Como, especially during high season, accommodation is included in the cost of our Yoga Teacher Training package.


We have already pre-booked a series of 2 person, 3 person and 4 person self catering apartments dotted around the city center on streets such as Via Torno, Via Indipenenza, and Via Vittorio Emmanuele. Each accommodation is within a short walk to the edges of the lake and the Yoga Teacher Training Venue.


This way, all students can enjoy a local living experience in the heart of Como during their teacher training and explore the wide abundance of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and offerings this charming lake side city has to offer.


Note that the pictures displayed in our accommodation section are a representation of our pre-booked apartments and may not be available 

when you are making your booking.  Your apartment may vary.

You will be sent exact images of your exact apartment during the booking process.

The Food 

Breakfast is included on course days


July 19th -  August 11th 2020  


Course & Breakfast only €2200

Accommodation + Course + Breakfast €2900




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