• Michelle Pitcher

From Social Distancing to Inward Retreat

These days, many of us around the world are being forced to shut down our normal everyday lives and instead, keep things a bit quieter. We are all being urged to take it easy and stay home. For many, this causes boredom, restlessness and maybe even a little bit of madness. Especially for people in the Western world, we never learned how to be content with the simplicity of nothing. There always has to be something going on, some sounds, some activities, some schedule, some routine and some work. We forgot how to enjoy the little things in life and instead we make our lives incredibly complex and busy.

So of course when something like a pandemic happens and we are all forced to shut down our countries, businesses, schools and life, people struggle a lot. They want to get out and make money. They want to socialize, see their friends, go to the bars and party. They want to continue their routines of going to so many different places throughout the day and getting it all done. People have been overdoing it, stressing and exhausting the planets capacity for so long. Since modernization, technology and especially in the past 20 years, things have really sped up and things have really gotten a lot busier.

So as with anything, you can go go go and eventually, when you overdo it, things are going to crash. I think that we were all bound to have no choice but to find some sort of balance in the world sooner or later. I see it now as a time when society and the environment has to endure some sort of a detox, no matter how ugly it might come, even in the form of a deadly virus spreading like wildfire. Today, people have to learn how to put their desires aside, and instead sacrifice for the collective well being of the planet and what it needs to get past this.

So here we are in lock down. Shocking and devastating stories, images and videos are being distributed through the media. People are afraid, uncertain and really don't know what to do. Well lets try to look at lock down in a different way. Lets see lock down as a new opportunity for people in the world to really slow down and inquire for themselves who they really are and what it is, this world that we are living in, what can happen at any time and what we can do about it.

These days can be a great opportunity for spiritual awakening and time to practice things like yoga, meditation and prayer for the peace of the entire world. This is not meant to be a time to be absorbed in fear. This is a time to be absorbed in trust and positivism. Now we have the opportunity to learn the deeper truths that have fallen away from our natural state of being. We can sing, we can dance, we can listen to the birds and watch the sun rise. We can pray for the well being of the world and ask for strength and determination.

Being home, being in lock down, it is all the perfect time for us to dive deeper into our own practices and our own self discovery without so many distractions. Take this as a blessing to go back to the stillness, back to the peace and back to the freedom that was always found deep within. Remember that state of silence and neutrality which is often forgotten when things get loud and crazy.

Once we have moved past all of this, and the world has gotten the chance to heal, we can emerge back into the sunlight, into the world and feel its magic on an entire new level of gratitude and wonder. We will travel and explore the beautiful nature of the world again and it will be even more fresh than before. We will reconnect with family and friends and be so happy to see them. We will taste an incredible diversity of foods which we were once not even available. We will feel safe and secure. We will dance wildly on a dance floor of happy people in celebration. We will kiss our children goodbye as they take off another day at school.

Things will change. Things will move on. Accept the present. Dive deep into the bliss and splendor of it. Retreat inwards. Find the real you which is free from the suffering of the world. Understand that and come back to it whenever you need. Enjoy the simple things. Be grateful for it all and pray for the well being of the world. Once this is all over, you can celebrate and book a yoga retreat to retreat yourself.





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