• Michelle Pitcher

The Benefits of Detoxing

Detoxing is a great way to reset the body after all of the stress and toxins that get soaked up from our daily lives. Today there is a lot of pollution in the air, in the water, in our food and in our mind. Sometimes we don't even know what we are consuming or taking in. We might be completely unaware of the fact that we are absorbing harmful chemicals. When we detox using specific foods and drinks, we can slowly eliminate many of these toxins. When we take a break from technology, we can detox our mind and the overload that comes with it.

So lets start with our diet and how detoxing can clean out a lot of our internal organs and be very rejuvenating and beneficial for our health overall. What a detox can do to the body is that it can activate the liver to drive toxins out of the body, it can promote elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin plus it can improve circulation of the blood. These all play a part in helping the bodies natural cleansing system.

You can follow a strict detoxing program where you may implement juices, smoothies, teas or herbal detoxes. You may have to eliminate some things from your diet while also adding a lot of cleansing fruits and veggies. There are also some basic lifestyle changes that you can do which will aid in detoxing the body as well. This would include eating a lot of fiber like organically grown fruits and veggies. You can take herbs that specifically help cleanse the liver and drink teas which will also wash out your system. Make sure to drink a lot of water because this helps to wash out many toxins from the body.

Exercising can be a great way to detox. You can also make sure that you breathe deeply and sweat a lot. Some of the main benefits of detoxing is that you will boost your energy levels and your mood. It will also strengthen your immune system and promote healthy skin and give you less inflammation. Some of the basic foods that you can include in your diet which will help detox your body include beetroot, apple, ginger, garlic, turmeric, green tea and chlorella.

Now lets talk about our mind and why that is important to also detox the mind. When we have a clear mind that is free from a lot of information and stress, we can move throughout our lives quite peacefully. Today, with all of social media, the internet and TV shows, our minds can get easily overwhelmed with information. If we spend some time without technology, we can really rejuvenate and rest our minds. When you book a yoga retreat, you can leave your technology behind and simply feel peaceful and free while focusing on you and your breath and movements, bringing you closer to your true essence.

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