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We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. 

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THAILAND , Chiang Mai

Ella Mesma and Maya Gandaia invite you to welcome the New Year in with a very special restorative experience in Thailand.

Located in a beautiful luxury Homestay in Chiang Mai Thailand, Maya Gandaia are offering their PathFor series over 7 days, as well as Yoga, meditation, luxury, food, massages and exploring the beautiful sites of Chiang Mai.

This is a trip of a lifetime for Goddesses to embody their true CREATIVE expression

British born dancer and facilitator, Ella or Maya Gandaia is a yogi, a coach, an artist. She loves dance, art, languages and the world of connectivity: through technology and mind! Ella received Maya Gandaia (pronounced My-A Gan-dye-A) as her Earth name on a magical journey of meditation in early 2017.

Maya means ‘Illusion’ in Sanskrit. ‘Gandaia’ is the joy. She has also always loved Maya Angelou and so the name Maya Gandaia has brought her pure joy on this path as a seeker of truth moving from the illusion of identity to joy.

Ella trained in dance at Laban/LSCD conservatoires, and first studied yoga with Abby Hoffman (Embodied Dancer Teacher Training) in 2011 (with a Gil Clarke Scholarship) and then at the Karam Kriya School to learn Kundalini in 2018. She also recently completed her facilitator training in The Wheel Of Consent.

As a dance performer she has been involved with the Russell Maliphant Company (The Rodin Project), Lea Anderson (Trying it On: The Chomondeleys), the Olympics Opening Ceremony, and projects which took her to India, USA, Brazil, Cuba and South Africa.
Ella Mesma Company create theatre work to look at gender, race and identity.

She is interested in the power of the mind and under the name ‘Maya Gandaia‘ (which translates as ‘Illusion to Joy’) she devised ‘The PathFor Series’: a series of 7 workshops to help us to step out of the illusions which hold us back from being our true superhero selves.

The PATHFOR series area series of workshops developed by Ella Mesma under the name ‘Maya Gandaia‘ (which translates as ‘Illusion to Joy’) to help us to step out of the illusions and conditioning which hold us back from being our truest selves connected to source.

The PATHFOR Series were developed on Ella Mesma Company to facilitate the telling of the performers stories and dealing with all the stuff that comes up in the studio in a way that was healing, affirming and helped the dancers access the beautiful place of vulnerability where the magic happens. Then Ella realised that this series was like a powerful gateway for healing: a PATHFOR for those who want to open it: with the potential for healing, self-reflection and growth.

The PATHFOR Universe Series are inspired by the chakra system, to help us get back to our pure creative spirit. They combine movement, meditation, relaxation, mantra and journaling. They are a PATHFOR our journey bring us back home to our authentic self. They are our PATHFOR true CREATIVE expression.

Explained and demonstrated simply, using movement, meditation and imagination, these workshops are a path for enlightenment for anyone who wants to embark on the journey. These workshops have been broken down into the seven chakras (energy centres in our body that regulate core identity and creative expression).

They are:

HOME (Root chakra)

HEART (Heart chakra)

WOMB (Sacral Chakra)

SING (throat chakra)

CREATE (naval chakra)

FLY (Third eye chakra)

SPACE (Crown chakra)

If chakras are blocked this keeps us from flowing freely in our lives, from creating, from taking control of our lives.

The trip to Thailand will focus on one chakra a day, and will be complemented with a morning meditation and yoga practise.

The series of 7 PathFor sessions: workshops inspired by the chakra system will take around 2-3 hours per day

There will also be option Evening Kundalini yoga classes on two nights

2 massages

A herbal steam

Delicious food to give your immune system a boost (using Thai ‘super foods’ and spices that work together to give your immune system a boost, fight inflammation, speed up your metabolism, and help to create a healthier you!)

Airport transfers

And daily visits including:



Lanna wooden houses,


Cookery school lesson

and more (including a very special NYE surprise!)

With all the comforts of a five-star high-end family run resort tis trip will also raise your vibration in terms of a luxury experience to set you up to create a fabulous 2020!

The Taladya 5* HomeStay Includes:

Lush trees and flowers

Beautiful swimming pool and grounds

Six beautiful comfortable bedrooms reflecting a contemporary Northern Thai design

Thai silk pillows, bed runners, and artworks

Local celadon tea set



29th December - 5th January 2019


From 1500€